Jacob Widmann-Oliver Completes Fourth Year of Apprenticeship

GSSllp have a strong tradition in training and developing its staff, which is why we are pleased to share that our Quantity Surveying Apprentice, Jacob Widmann-Oliver, has just completed his fourth year on the RICS accredited Chartered Surveyor Apprenticeship at Nottingham Trent University.

The course is a relatively new route to take in order to become a Chartered Quantity Surveyor, and Jacob is going to be one of the first to graduate. Having joined GSSllp about 2 years ago from a multinational consultancy, Jacob has worked hard to assist with a number of key projects, helping GSSllp to grow and diversify across all sectors, whilst also studying part-time in order to complete his qualifications.

The recent measures introduced due to the Covid-19 pandemic have meant that Jacob has completed part of his fourth year through remote learning, whilst also working from home for the first time. Despite this rather unusual end to the academic year, Jacob has managed to successfully carry on with both his academic work and his work for the Practice, playing a key role in the delivery of Uppingham Community College’s new SEND facility, which recently completed.

Speaking about his apprenticeship and time at the Practice, Jacob said, “My apprenticeship has offered mutual benefit to me and the Practice. I have gained invaluable experience in a professional environment, whilst progressing my academic qualifications. Equally, the Practice can maintain continuity in personnel and have an influence in shaping the future of the profession.”